Easy way to manage your iOS application

iOS Catalog is web application that help you to easy manage all your iOS apps. With simple user interface you can easily filter, display and find application.

iOS Catalog Screenshot;

Beautiful design.

The simple, elegant, and intuitive interface means it's much easier to use. Try the demo (username: user / password: demo)

Simple setup.

This app only requires a linux (or windows) server, PHP 5.4+, and SQLite DB.

Completely customizable.

With simple config file you can customize basic parts of app. like brand name, theme, page title etc.


User authorization

Basic user authorization/administration (with autologon feature)

Automated scanning/adding process of applications

Full automated scanning/adding process of applications

Device detection

Device detection (type, name, os version)

Mini statistic

Mini statistic of all your applications (total money,apps,mb/gb)

Application category

Display application by category

Hide app

Hiding application from non-admin users

Update apps information

Updating application data (search all appstores by name or trackid)

Application information

Full application information with screenshots

iTunes wrapper

iTunes API wrapper (with ipa reading function)


Affiliate program support Try the demo